PinKids® apples are perfect for young hands, and have all the sensory qualities of their big sister, Pink Lady®. A unique colour, crunchy texture, an ideal sweet/sour balance with flavours of wild strawberry, vanilla, lychee and rose.


PinKids® apples are very well suited to the energy needs of children, and help recharge their bodies with a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Vitamin C
The outer part of the pulp contains a lot. The skin contains 4 to 5 times more of this energy-boosting vitamin than the rest of the fruit.
  • icon1A radiant complexion
  • icon2A boosted immune system
Its 80% water content helps hydrate the body and eliminate toxins after exercise.
  • icon1Optimal hydration
Low calorie intake
Perfect for limiting snacking on overly sweet foods, they are the ideal partner for a healthy diet for children.
  • icon1Carbohydrates are absorbed slowly by the body.
  • icon2A significant and lasting feeling of satiety.

A new packaging range

Pink Lady® has completely renewed its packaging range by choosing recyclable or compostable materials, as part of an eco-design approach.

Play with PinKids® !

Test your skills with PinKids®.
Note where the animals are located and find all the pairs in order to finish the game!

Test je vaardigheden met PinKids®. Let goed op waar de dieren zitten en zoek alle paren om het spel te winnen!

Je hebt vijf seconden om de kaarten te bekijken. Start met aftellen als jij er klaar voor bent!

Nog maar 10 fout (fouten)


Je hebt alle paren binnen de tijd gevonden!

fout (fouten)

Je hebt het spel verloren!

Je hebt teveel fouten gemaakt… Kom op, probeer het nog een keer, je kan het!

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